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Ninja Hattori Hindi Episodes

Ninja Hattori-kun, known as Ninja Hattori in some countries, is a manga series created by Fujiko Fujio A, later adapted into a television drama, a 1981 anime series, a video game and a live-action movie

Ninja Hattori old Hindi All Episode List

Episode 1 – Kenichi Ko Tennis Khelna Nahi Aata
Episode 02 – Shinzo Chala Madad Karne
Episode 03 – Yumiko Ko Manana Nahi Asaan


Ninja Hattori 1981 Hindi All Episode List

Episode 01 Lets earn some money
Episode 02 Shinzo Arrives
Episode 03 Leave The Cooking To Us
Episode 04 The Strange Visitor
Episode 05 Curing A Case Of Laziness
Episode 06 Do Your Homework
Episode 07 The Ninja Hideaway
Episode 08 Amara and his love for his mother
Episode 09 A Trip To Kyoto The Gold Coins Pickpocketing A Pick Pocke
Episode 10 Ninja Hypnotism The Ninja Steal In Which Is Superior Dogs Or Cats
Episode 11 I Can Take Charge Of The House
Episode 12 Hide And Seek Be Careful
Episode 13 Be Careful Of The Cold Scissors Roc Paper
Episode 14 Present No More Drinking
Episode 15 The Lottery The Haircut Long Legs For Kenichi
Episode 16 Kenichi fears on loosing Shishimaru
Episode 17 A Dream Of Ninja Days
Episode 18 The Day Surprise Visitor
Episode 19 I Will Look For A Kind Girl
Episode 20 A Hard Day At The Movie
Episode 21 A Case Of The Snores
Episode 22 The Laughing Mushroom
Episode 23 No More Eating Race
Episode 24 Lonely Little Kitty
Episode 25 No More Noodles
Episode 26 Kenichis Bromide Spagetthi Has A Happy Taste
Episode 27 Ninja Sushi
Episode 28 A Wresling Tournament
Episode 29 Tv Is Forbidden Game Crazy Late Again
Episode 30 The Ninja Girl Get Lost Tsubam
Episode 31 My Dreame For The Future
Episode 32 Kenichi becomes Mr India
Episode 33 Search for hot water well
Episode 34 I Dont Like The Marriage Meetin
Episode 35 Today Jumping Contest
Episode 36 LetS Challenge To A Skyscraper
Episode 37 Ninja From Manipulation Secret Of The Ninja Power
Episode 38 Ninja Water Melon Snapping
Episode 39 My Friend Is A Dinosaure Manlac
Episode 40 The Ninja Pilotage Mama Loves Telephone
Episode 41 Mom Is Lost Driver
Episode 42 Mamas Good Idea
Episode 43 Capturing A Gang
Episode 44 Anniversary Day
Episode 45 A Strange Foreigner Get Back The Dress
Episode 46 The Ninjaman Changing
Episode 47 I Am Still Immature
Episode 48 Who Is Yumekos Friend
Episode 49 Lets Forget Homework
Episode 50 When You Deliver
Episode 51 your name Sonams talent

Ninja Hattori 2016 Hindi All Episode List

Episode 01 Shishimaru Banega Asalee Ninja Dogi
Episode 02 Kenichi Nibha Pae Gae Sir Ki Dee Huyee Duty
Episode 03 Mummy Ka Dil Khushee Se Bag Bag Ho Gaya
Episode 04 Situation Tait Jab Kenichi Ko Karanee Ho Fight
Episode 05 Shinzou Rahgaya Daang Jab Amara Ne Kiya Tang
Episode 06 Ho Gaee Hattori Ki Yaadadaasht Kamajor Bokhala Gae Ghar Ke Log
Episode 07 Ninja Security Machines
Episode 08 Kaun Banega Yumeko Ka Sapanon Ka Raajakumaar(CoolsAnime.Com).mp4
Episode 09 Ha Kisane Khaaya Cake
Episode 10 Mummy Ka Birthday Kabhee Nahin Bhoolate
Episode 11 Kenichi Aur Shinzou Ke Massage Ke Liye Hattori Ban Gaya Passage
Episode 12 Ninja Manja Mauja Hi Mauja



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